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Jack Mason

Director of Talent and Operations

Jack has been involved in the sport of MMA since 2005 and has seen the evolution of the sport from hard men fighting one another in dark and dingy night clubs to a global sport surpassing PPV records and selling out the world’s biggest arenas. He has had close to 50 professional MMA fights himself and coached fighters at his BKK Fighters gym from young kids to the heights of the UFC he has been involved in the sport from a grassroots level to huge PPV events in many different capacities. Jack is extremely passionate about building an event which will provide a platform for the sport of MMA to flourish in the South East and give the young talent of the UK and Europe an opportunity to gain experience, build their brand and showcase their skills to the world before they move onto the big events like Cage Warriors, Bellator and the UFC.

Jack initially became involved in the business of event promoting because he was disillusioned with the quality of MMA events available to his team at BKK Fighters and sought to create an event where he would be happy to have his young team compete on and gain valuable experience in a safe and controlled environment. Jack is a huge advocate of safety in the sport of MMA, primarily for the athletes competing at the event but also because this is paramount to the longevity, growth and wider acceptance of the sport in the mainstream which will only benefit our athletes in the future. The partnership with Cage Warriors and Safe MMA has been so important to the event and the safety of our athletes as this has bought in safety and medical protocols which are equalled only by the UFC.

Paul Stafford

Director of Digital and Media

Paul or 'Staffy' is the graphic design, marketing, website and social media specialist who has helped take the Cage Warriors Academy brand to the next level - making it one of the top MMA events in Europe. With a very high understanding of the world of online media, he designs and develops all the event branding, website, literature, posters, flyers, banners, signage, programmes, promo's and social media content for all the events.

Also has very keen interest in the stand-up game being a Muay Thai instructor at his gym in Lincoln, teaching and training fighters of all ages to keep fit and to fight as amateurs and professionals all over the world. Looking forward to taking mixed martial arts and the Cage Warriors Academy brand to bigger and better things!

Tom Burns


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Matt Clark


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