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Fisk Group strive to be a one stop shop for helping business’s protect their employees, tenants and visiting public from the risk of Fire and safe guarding their belongings and safety with the use of highly innovative security products from the UK’s leading brands. Please click the link below to find out more within the Business Sector you operate in.


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One of the biggest leading causes of fire is faulty electrics, which is why at Fisk Group we saw the need to provide our customers with electrical solutions and services. We work to the highest industry standards, to ensure that we safely install and maintain electrical systems for your establishment.
Ensuring that property is safe and secure is at the heart of our services at the Fisk Group. Which is why we include access control systems to allow you to monitor and grant authorised access to the right people, without fear of unauthorised entry. With the latest state of the art technology, we can provide you with levels of security that exceed your expectations.
CCTV is an essential part of security. It allows you to both internally and externally monitor your establishment, to ensure that your property is safe. The Fisk Group offer CCTV solutions as part of our full suite of services, to keep your establishment under constant surveillance. We provide a wide range of products that allow you to monitor, record and store video security footage.
Keeping establishments safe from fire is of the utmost importance to us. Which is why, at Fisk, we offer a wide array of Fire Safety systems and solutions to ensure that you and your staff are safe in your working environment. On this page, you’ll learn about the solutions we offer, our process as well as fire safety training we can provide too.
In order to prevent intruders on your property, we recommend including alarm systems that can do so. The Fisk Group can provide you with the latest and safest intruder alarm systems that keep your establishment safe and secure. With a wide range of different alarm systems, we can provide and recommend the right system for your establishment.
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